Industrial Master's Programme in IT

The company line-up for 2022 is locked. You can read about them here.

What is the IMP?

The Industrial Master’s Programme in IT (IMP) is a talent accelerator meant for the master’s students of the Institute of Computer Science that brings together the brightest and most initiative students and organizations that look for ambitious junior specialists to join their ranks.


The students participating in the program spend the second half of their master’s studies at partnering organizations. This means that the students can put their fresh knowledge to use straight away and provide a scientific perspective for the partnering organization. The cooperation between the intern and the student culminates with the writing of the master’s thesis which will be supported by an academic supervisor from the Institute of Computer Science.

What opportunities does IMP offer for the partnering organization?

  • A chance to win over the leading specialists of the upcoming generation amongst a pool of young talents before the rest of the labor market
  • The student will bring scientific perspective to the organization, including:
    • the chance to take additional courses that would benefit the internship
    • writing a master’s thesis on a subject that is important for the organization
  • When finishing the program, the student has also finished their university studies and has already adapted to the everyday work of the organization: in case of a good fit an employment offer can be made straightaway
  • The risks are for the partnering organization have clear limits:
    • if a suitable student is not found amongst the candidates, there is no obligation to continue with the program
    • if the collaboration does not meet expectations, it can be terminated after the probation period
    • if the student finishes the program, the partnering organization carries no additional obligations

What does an organization, that aspires to join, have to contribute?

For each position created, the partner must (with help from the university) clearly define: 

  • Expectations for candidates, incl. technical skills, language requirements...
  • General description of assignments (to the extent of 24 hours per week)
  • Potnential research topics for master's thesis
  • A supervisor that stands for student's well-being and development
  • Selection process for candidates

What does the admission process look like?


When is the internship contract signed and how much will the program cost?

Should there be a two-way fit (between a student and an internship host) after the admission process, a three-way contract will be signed (student, internship host and the university). The duration of the contract is 13 months and by signing, the host internship agrees to pay €1 500 (+VAT) per month. More than half of the money will be paid by the university to the student as a scholarship, which increases in time, and the rest covers the expenses of the program. The scholarship is significant and permits the student to devote to the program and motivates them to successfully finish.

When can the program be joined?

The official applications for the program take place during February and March. However, the institute will start mapping the interest among potential partner organization earlier than that. To stay up-to-date with any news regarding the IMP, subscribe to the institute’s industry collaboration newsletter!

Companies and organizations that have partaken in the program:


You're welcome to join whether you're in the field of IT/technology or about to undertake digitilization.


Marko Nõu, Engineering Manager at Pipedrive:

It is a very reasonable initiative from UT and Pipedrive is definitely on board. We and the students both greatly benefit from it – students get the taste of real life in the software industry in a safe and supporting environment and can integrate a big part of their studies with us. For example, our fast-growing and globally scaling startup environment brings forth numerous opportunities for great Master thesis subjects. We, on the other hand, get a pair of fresh and smart eyes, whose input is innovative and can be just the thing that differs us from our competitors.

Georg Vann
Project Manager for Industrial Master's Programme in IT
(+372) 502 7305

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