Industrial Master's Programme in IT

Next submission to the program takes place during spring semester 2023.

What is the Industrial Master’s Programme aka the IMP?

The IMP is a talent accelerator for our institute’s master’s students that makes it possible for you to kick-start your career in IT in parallel to your studies. By participating in the program, you spend your second year at one of our partner companies or organizations as part of an internship. There you can harness your recently acquired knowledge and skills and see what you’re capable of. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about taking on too much responsibility and not graduating in a timely manner. Together with the partner company, you will find a topic for your master’s thesis which is actually important to them. By graduation-time, you will be a legit IT-specialist.


Who on earth is “industry”? Whom will I be working with?

The specific makeup of partner companies and organizations varies from year to year. There is something for every taste – from small enterprises to international corporations and from manufacturing to government institutions. Application to the IMP takes place according to specific internship positions and no matter where you end up, you will be supported by a supervisor from the partner company, an academic supervisor and the program coordinator.

What do I have to do to participate?

First year students of the Computer Science and Software Engineering curricula (also Data Science and Conversion Master in IT for Estonian students) are eligible for the IMP, given that they are on-course to finish during the nominal two-year duration. Admission into the program starts with an open call in April, during which students can apply for several internship positions. The open call is followed by the internal admission processes of the partner companies, which enable them to select the student that is the best fit to their expectations. See all the particular internship positions and corresponding admission processes here.


Why should I care about all of this?

In case you didn’t already read between the lines, the IMP has quite a bit to offer to you:

  • you can kick-start your career without putting your timely graduation in danger;
  • you will learn how a company works and what are your career opportunities in the IT industry;
  • you can challenge your (technical) skills and build confidence in a supporting environment;
  • if needed, you can take additional courses during the internship to reinforce your competences;
  • you get a master’s thesis topic that is of actual interest to someone (i.e. the partner);
  • you receive a monthly scholarship in the range of €660-€900

But how is all of it arranged?

The program lasts for a year: it begins right when the second semester ends (in June) and ends with the defense of your thesis (June, next year). You can expect the internship to average at about 24 hours per week: this includes general internship assignments, as well as writing the thesis. The day-to-day specifics - location, working language, extent of working from distance - depend on the particular partner company and internship position, which are made public during the admission period.

Participation in the IMP nicely covers the 18 ECTS of your compulsory practice module and, furthermore, you get 3 ECTS worth of elective courses done, as you take the IMP seminar. The rest of the elective and optional courses are validated with the partner company – perhaps they find that you ought to take a specific course that would serve you well during the internship. We also encourage integrating your internship with the courses you take in the university, when possible: you could align a substantive course assignments with the work you do during the internship, for example. 

Sounds good, is there a catch?

Bear in mind, that participation in the program is no walk in the park. To a large extent, our partner companies join the IMP with the intent of finding committed students, to whom they could offer employment after the program. By no means does this mean that you should be capable of everything from the first day; however, the partners do expect you to be responsible and prepared to put in the effort to develop yourself. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about the possibility that (either your or their) expectations are not met. The first couple of months essentially make up the probation period, and a three-way development interview between the student, the partner company and the program coordinator will take place in August, before the autumn semester. Among other things, we will mutually take a decision, whether we want to continue with the collaboration. On top of all that, you can always share your joys and worries with the program coordinator.

Participation in the IMP grants you a significant scholarship which amounts to €660 at the beginning and will gradually increase to €900 per month. Should you start the program, however, you have to waive all other scholarships that you may hold; the only exceptions being the Estonian needs-based study allowance and travel stipends.

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I joined the Industrial Master's Programme in IT because it seemed like a good opportunity to get professional work experience. Many students who go to work might not finish the university and the program seemed like a place to get work experience while still actively pursuing my studies. During the program, I have learned a lot about how to use my professional knowledge to create software solutions. In addition, I have gained experience interacting with clients who want to incorporate machine learning models into their applications. I have been able to apply my knowledge in solving real-life problems, which has been a good alternative to my very academic teaching so far.

Laura Ruusmann,  Industrial Master’s Programme in IT student at STACC:
Georg Vann
Institute of Computer Science
Industry Collaboration Coordinator
r 3095
+372 502 7305
Georg Vann
Institute of Computer Science
Industry Collaboration Coordinator
r 3095
+372 502 7305
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