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Industrial Master's Programme in IT

Industrial Master’s Programme in IT is a study format for the first-year Master's students in Software EngineeringComputer Science and Data Science curricula in the Institute of Computer Science, where 50% of the student's studies will take place at a partner company. The program lasts for one year, from June 2021 to June 2022.

Students and companies will be matched for the programme based on both the student and the companies' mutual interests and research directions. The student has the opportunity to ask the company for recommendations to select courses that support the development of the student’s professional and transferable skills. Read more about the programme in our blog.

Companies who have already joined the programme:


Why should I join the programme?

  • 50% of the studies will take place at a partner company - you will be spending approximately 20h per week at the company instead of university.You will write your Master Thesis in a research field that is in interest of yours and in compliance with the company's business directions.
  • You will get an opportunity to apply the latest academic knowledge and ideas into the company’s business development.
  • The experience will give you an advantage in the job market - by the end of the programme you have become a specialist who has contributed in-depth to the company's activities.
  • By joining the programme you will become a member of the Industrial Masters’ community. With other members you will be supported by the university and the company, sharing the challenges as well as the moments of joy along the way.
  • While in the programme you will receive a monthly scholarship. The scholarship can not be used at the same time with other stipends (excluding the Estonian needs-based study allowance and travel stipends).
  • Size of the scholarship is 660-900 €/per month.

What are we looking in students?

  • Willingness to apply theoretical knowledge to solve real-life challenges.
  • Interest in independent and teamwork.
  • Readiness for long-term cooperation with one partner company.
  • Ability to relate the research topic of your Master's thesis to the company's activities.
  • Desire to develop yourself consciously.
  • Active participation in joint seminars which are specially designed for Industrial Master's Programme in IT students.

I joined the Industrial Master's Programme in IT because it seemed like a good opportunity to get professional work experience. Many students who go to work might not finish the university and the program seemed like a place to get work experience while still actively pursuing my studies. During the program, I have learned a lot about how to use my professional knowledge to create software solutions. In addition, I have gained experience interacting with clients who want to incorporate machine learning models into their applications. I have been able to apply my knowledge in solving real-life problems, which has been a good alternative to my very academic teaching so far.

Laura Ruusmann,  Industrial Master’s Programme in IT student at STACC:
Georg Vann
Industry Collaboration Coordinator
502 7305
Georg Vann
Industry Collaboration Coordinator
502 7305
Lähiõpe jätkub.

Face-to-face teaching continues in the spring semester


Studying abroad

UT Institute of Computer Science has many partner universities in the Erasmus+ programme.