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Doctoral School of Information and Communication Technology

The Doctoral School of Information and Communication Technology, funded by the European Regional Development Fund is carried out in partnership with the University of Tartu, TalTech, Tallinn University and Cybernetica AS. It is geared towards improving the quality and efficiency of doctoral studies.

​​The Doctoral School supports  

  • Advancing PhD students’ professional and cross-sectoral research communication skills.
  • Increasing teaching and supervision competencies, and promoting research and doctoral studies by offering various seminars and workshops to both students and supervisors.
  • Extending the mutual links between doctoral studies and the labour market.
  • Strengthening the cooperation within the information and communication technology field, both within the academia and with the industry.
  • Supporting the internationalisation of doctoral studies by offering mobility grants for PhD students to participate in workshops, seminars, and other research-related activities.

Doctoral School events at the University of Tartu

New events will be made public soon!

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Past events

Mobility Grant for Doctoral Students

PhD candidates can apply for a mobility grant, which can be used to participate in a (web) conference, seminar, course, or to carry out other research-related activities (e.g. conducting fieldwork, participating in traineeship programs etc.) both in Estonia and abroad. Activities must be connected to the students' doctoral studies.

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Terms & Conditions for applying

How to apply?
•    Fill in the application form together with the activity plan
•    Add a signed supervisor’s recommendation letter
•    Attach a confirmation letter from the host university, research organisation or event organiser
•    If possible, add an event schedule to the application

All the documents need to be sent to

Terms & Conditions for applying

  • The applicant must be a PhD student at the Institute of Computer Science.
  • The reimbursable costs include travel expenses (including travel insurance), accommodation costs and participation fees.
  • Every doctoral student is eligible for two grants in one academic year. NB! In the case of e-mobility, the number of grants per academic year is not limited.
  • An activity report must be submitted after the journey.
  • For more information regarding the mobility grant, write to

Application forms



Jaanika Seli, Head of Academic Affairs
Eeva Kilk, Coordinator of Doctoral Studies and Projects

If you have questions write to

Doctoral School of Information and Communication Technology is financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Financing period: 01.01.2016–31.08.2022

Lähiõpe jätkub.

Face-to-face teaching continues in the spring semester


Studying abroad

UT Institute of Computer Science has many partner universities in the Erasmus+ programme.