Loit Jõekalda

Loit Jõekalda’s „Stone Age Graphics“ in the Delta study building

Starting on 4 May, the exhibition "Stone Age Graphics" by Loit Jõekalda will be open to the public on the second floor of the Delta Study Building. You can see fascinating photographs and frottage prints of prehistoric rock carvings.

On 16 May at 16.00, everyone can join an exhibition tour where Loit Jõekalda will present his works and techniques. The tour will take place in Estonian and English.

The exhibition consists of photos from Lake Onega and White Sea in Eastern Karelia, Umba and Ponoi rivers in Kola peninsula, Alta fjord in Northern Norway, river Tom and sites in Khakassia in Siberia, Valcamonica in Lombardia, Northumberland in England, images in the Cederberg mountains in South-Africa, neolithic petrographs in Finland, and also paleolithic images in caves of Southern Ural mountains. 

Prehistoric art galleries have been found on every inhabited continent. Recurring symbols could mean sacral rituals and sacrificial sites, communicating with the surrounding natural world and the Creator.

Through scientific study and popularization of prehistoric art, the author can draw attention to the necessity of preserving it. The frottage rubbings and photographs are attempts to capture a process in a state of change. „I frame and emphasize patterns and elements that I find interesting, comparing styles and themes from different places, eras, and fields,“ says Loit Jõekalda.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, it's worth looking back at the human mind thousands of years ago to understand it better. Loit Jõekalda's "Stone Age Graphics" can be seen in the Delta study building until the end of September. You are very welcome!

Loit Jõekalda (born 1951) is an Estonian printmaker and curator of several international art projects. Since 1991 he has had 43 solo exhibitions. He has organized exhibitions in Belarus, China, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, and Ukraine. He is a board member of the Association of Estonian Printmakers, councilor of the Estonian Artists' Association, and founding member of the Estonian Society of Prehistoric Art and the Estonian-Sami Cultural Society. He is an honorary member of the Finnish Society for Prehistorical Art (since 2010) and the Estonian Artists' Association (since 2020).