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Thesis deadlines and guidelines

Master's thesis submission and defence dates 2021/2022

  • MSc Cybersecurity defences take place on 11th August 2022, submission deadline July 28, 2022;
  • MSc Data Science, MSc Computer Science, MSc Software Engineering and Conversion Master in IT defences take place from 22nd to 24th August 2022, submission deadline August 8, 2022.

Students are requested to submit their thesis in our online Graduation Theses Registry.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail

Thesis related guidelines and regulations

There are at least three ways to do this:

  1. Participate at the annual UniTartuCS Day, which occurs at the end of September or the beginning of October. Many research groups will present their everyday work and thesis topics, which might interesting to you.
  2. Visit our Theses Topics Database to find out what topics our staff has put out.
  3. Think of a topic yourself and see which UniTartuCS research groups might be best suited to supervise you. Contacting yourself the possible supervisor and arrange a meeting to discuss your topics. The contacts of all our employees can be found here

It is recommended to start looking for the topic early. Therefore, attend the UniTartuCS Day if you are a second bachelor's or first-year master's student. The last time to choose the topic and supervisor is in the autumn of the previous academic year. Be sure to talk to a variety of potential supervisors as well. When speaking, the easiest way is to set the thesis topic's focus and understand what the tutor's expectations are for you and vice versa. This will make it easier for you to figure out if you are interested in a topic that seemed exciting at first. It is crucial that before finalizing the topic, you have reached an explicit agreement with the supervisor on the topic you are doing your dissertation on, and the supervisor has confirmed your willingness to supervise you on this topic. 

  • It is compulsory to add a CERCS code (Common European Research Classification Scheme) to the information sheet of the thesis.
  • The thesis must be submitted to the theses database via the appropriate form. The name of the file should be formulated as surname_fieldofstudy_year.pdf.
  • The thesis must also contain a disclosure licence at the end to allow the thesis to be made public and reproduced. The Institute of Computer Science applies an open-access policy to Master's theses, except in special cases where a thesis is declared confidential due to commercial reasons. Here can be found information about requesting closed defence and/or establishing restrictions on thesis publication.


Graduation theses shall be defended on dates determined by defence committees. The dates and places for defence with the relevant time tables shall be published on the website of the Institute of Computer Science. Institute of Computer Science slaide templates. A graduation thesis is defended in the form of an academic debate.

The time limit for the presentation is 15 minutes for a master’s thesis.

The main stages of the defence procedure are the following:

● the author’s presentation
● questions related to the presentation
● opinion of the opponent
● general discussion
● opinion of the supervisor
● the author’s final remarks


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