At the Institute of Computer Science, you study under the world's top scientists and cooperate with reputable IT companies. We also have various events and regular competitions to make university life more exciting. Every student gets a laptop while studying, and it is possible to apply for several scholarships. Here, together with hundreds of fellow students, a modern learning environment awaits you in the Delta Centre.

You are welcome to collaborate with the institute's research groups during your studies, and in many of our subjects, you will also solve real-life tasks set by our partner. 

After graduation, you will be among the sought-after and valued specialists, and you will have a solid and agile career ahead of you as new solutions are created using information technology in almost every field, and graduates of IT curricula are needed.

After your Master's studies, you are invited to continue your studies in the PhD program, where you will do world-class research in your field, paving your career path in science and business.

More information regarding studying at the Institute of Computer Science

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