Institute of Computer Science puts maximum effort into creating a balance between theoretical and practical studies. Lectures are regularly visited by guest lecturers from the industry and all course-related materials are publicly accessible on All lectures can be rewatched via UTTV and Panopto.


Thesis deadlines and guidelines

Practical training for IT students


Laptops for IT students

Organisation of studies

Studies at the University of Tartu are organised according to certain rules. For studies to be successful, the student needs to know these rules. During the study period, there are many options for individual planning and self-development. On the following page, you can find study instructions and rules for students of the first and second levels of higher education.

Instructions and rules

Information about Master's studies

Information about PhD studies


The Institute of Computer Science regularly organises and hosts different events and competitions to make university life more exciting for our students.

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UniTartuCS Day

Delta Career Day

Student Project Contest

Data Science Seminars


Guest lectures by Prof. Amr El Abbadi


UniTartuCS Day 2023

ati adl

Rally Estonia Challenge took self-driving car to the rally tracks