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Practical Training for IT students

Practical Training

Our bachelor and master’s programmes contain a compulsory Practice module designed to improve students' professional skills through practice - by applying the knowledge and skills they have obtained in their studies in a real-world environment.

To complete the Practice module students can choose between completing the internship in an IT company, doing teaching practice at the institute, or participating in an entrepreneurship course. Depending on the curricula, students can also choose between project courses or research group projects as an alternative.

Company representatives are welcome to add their internship offers to our database. If you have questions about the practical training write to

Practical training courses

To receive study credits for an internship, students should find an internship position in an IT company or an institution and complete one or both of the Practical training courses:

  • MTAT.03.237 Practical Training in Informatics (6 ECTS, BSc and MSc)
  • MTAT.03.206 Practical Training in Informatics (12 ECTS, MSc)

The courses are held every semester, and internships can be completed all year round (from September to August). It is strongly suggested to look for a summer internship as then it does not interfere with studies. More information about the courses and the framework of the training can be found here.

Looking for internship positions

Students are expected to find and apply to internship positions by themselves. However, we have compiled a list of sources from where it would be best to start looking for internships:

  • The Practical Training Database of the Institute of Computer Science contains a number of active offers for traineeship from IT-related companies in Estonia that have been specifically targeted at our students.
  • The Delta Career Day is held every spring and is a suitable event for finding spring and summer internships opportunities.
  • There are a number of traineeship offers published in the University of Tartu Student Newsletter every week.
  • Master's students may do their internship as part of the Industrial Master's Programme in IT.

Additional sources are available on the Practical training course website.

Practical training coordinator

In case of problems with finding practical training bases or any questions about the practical training courses, contact the institute practical training coordinator Pelle Jakovits for support. However, please first read through the latest study materials on the course website.


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