Student Project Contest

The University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science announces the IT Student Project Contest.

The project submitted has to be in the field of IT. It can be practical or theoretical research or implementation project. It may be associated with any course or be a completely new and personal initiative—for example, a project from a course, educational resource, public software, a start-up idea, etc.


Participation is open to undergraduate (BSc) and graduate (MSc) students of the University of Tartu regardless of the curriculum in teams of one or up to five. A project can have one supervisor.

Projects will be evaluated in three categories:

  • First-year Bachelor's level
  • Bachelor's level
  • Master's level

In the Bachelor’s and Master’s categories, at least ⅔ of the authors (except the supervisor) have to be students of the appropriate level. If there are two members in the team, ½ of the authors must be students of the appropriate level. In the first-year Bachelor’s category, all authors must be first-year Bachelor's students.

The deadline for submitting the project is May 26 2022 (including). To participate you must upload in Student Projects Website your:

  • Poster
  • Public web address where one can access the project results


In every category, the prize fund is 2,400 euros. €1, 000 for I, €800 for II, and €600 for III places in every category. The committee retains the right to make decisions as they see best. Special categories can be created and awarded as the Institute sees fit.

Evaluation and announcement of the winners

The event where participants present their project posters to the committee and the rest of the audience will take place on June 2 2022, at the University of Tartu Delta Centre. The evaluation of the projects and the award ceremony will be at the event.

The statute for the contest
Previous student project contest winners 



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