Master's theses


In 2022 the fourth intake of the Industrial Master’s Programme graduated. Three master's theses were defended:

  1. Richard NõmmOptimizing Processes for Timber Company Using Data Science
    Partner organizations: Barrus, Columbus
    Supervisors: Anna Aljanaki, Kristen Pugi, Vaido Otsar
  2. Alo AasmäeBenefit Prediction of Buying Customer Relationship Management Features of Pipedrive
    Partner organization: Pipedrive
    Supervisor: Gamal Elkoumy, Roland Kriibi
  3. John-William MukoseHeat Pump Detection from Household Electricity Consumption Using Different Machine Learning Classifiers
    Partner organization: Eesti Energia
    Supervisors: Kallol Roy, Kristjan Eljand

In 2021 the third intake of the Industrial Master’s Programme graduated. Seven master's theses were defended:

  1. Brandon Christopher AutreyCustomer Journey Analysis at Pipedrive: A Process Mining Approach
    Partner organization: Pipedrive
    Supervisors: Marlon Dumas, Ambar Raj
  2. Gunel IsmayilovaAdopting Devops Practices: A Case Study
    Partner organization: Singularity Creations
    Supervisors: Ezequiel Scott, Madis Kapsi
  3. Karmen KinkClassification of E-Commerce Products Based on Textual Product Descriptions
    Partner organization: STACC
    Supervisors: Kairit Sirts, Karl-Oskar Masing
  4. Taavi LuikDesigning a Pharmacogenetic Test as a Medical Software Device
    Partner organization: UT Bioinformatics research group
    Supervisors: Sulev Reisberg, Kersti Jääger
  5. Ida Maria OrulaThe Process of Creating a Scientific Knowledge Base for Pharmacogenetic Testing 
    Partner organization: UT Bioinformatics research group
    Supervisors: Sulev Reisberg, Kersti Jääger
  6. Aleksander PareloDevelopment of a Virtual Printer and Print Driver for Print in City 
    Partner organization: Overall
    Supervisors: Urmas Tamm, Meelis Roos
  7. Tetiana ShtymTraffic Light Detection by Fusing Object Detection and Map Info
    Partner organization: Bolt / UT Autonomous Driving Lab
    Supervisors: Tambet Matiisen, Meelis Kull

In 2020 the second intake of the Industrial Master’s Programme graduated. Five master's theses were defended:

  1. Kerstin ÄkkeSnow Cover Detection in Estonia from SAR Images Using Machine Learning Methods
    Partner organization: Datel
    Supervisors: Viacheslav Komisarenko, Anti Gruno
  2. Alar LeemetHackathons for Corporate Innovation – a Longitudinal Study
    Partner organization: Pipedrive
    Supervisor: Alexander Nolte
  3. Kiryl LashkevichImproving Agile Processes with Customized Mission-based Practices. Case Study
    Partner organization: Pipedrive 
    Supervisors: Fredrik Payman Milani, Mario Ezequiel Scott
  4. Laura RuusmannComparison of Category-level, Item-level and General Sales Forecasting Models
    Partner organization: STACC
    Supervisors: Marlon Dumas, Eerik Muuli
  5. Mohammad Mahdi Mohebbian: Real-Time Event Detection System for Mobile Data
    Partner organization: Positium
    Supervisors: Amnir Hadachi, Erki Saluveer

In 2019 the very first intake of the Industrial Master’s Programme graduated. Four master's theses were defended:

  1. Maksym SemikinJointly Tackling User and Item Cold-start with Sequential Contentbased Recommendations
    Partner organization: STACC
    Supervisors: Tambet Matiisen, Carlos Bentes
  2. Simona MicevskaA Statistical Drift Detection Method
    Partner organization: Reach-U
    Supervisors: Sherif Sakr, Toivo Vajakas
  3. Oleksandr ShvechykovScaling Up a Software Product: The Journey of Pipedrive
    Partner organization: Pipedrive 
    Supervisor: Marlon Dumas
  4. Margarit Shmavonyan: Improving Application Lifecycle Management at Swedbank: A Case Study
    Partner organization: Swedbank
    Supervisors: Fredrik Payman Milani, Margus Melsas
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