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AI & Robotics Estonia (AIRE)

The University of Tartu participates in the activities of the AI & Robotics Estonia (AIRE) centre. The AIRE consortium aims to support Estonian small and medium-sized (SME) manufacturing businesses on their journey of digitisation by offering artificial intelligence and robotics solutions. All AIRE services are aimed at legal entities and are free of charge or based on de minimis aid*.


The University of Tartu supports AIRE's goals by contributing to services that promote industrial collaboration and sharing expertise.


  • In cooperation with the University of Tartu Institute of Technology, the Institute of Computer Science offers diverse courses covering broad topics from data science and artificial intelligence to software development. Our courses are primarily intended for companies in the manufacturing sector; however, all interested in developing their skills and knowledge in modern technologies are welcome to the free webinars.
  • The Institute of Computer Science also hosts AIRE Clubs, networking events where entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and other interested parties come together to share best practices, experiences, and ideas and to find new opportunities for cooperation. It is a free and relaxed environment that encourages knowledge-sharing and networking. Thanks to our membership in the European Digital Innovation Hubs network, we can also support Estonian manufacturing companies in finding international cooperation partners.
  • The University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science and Institute of Technology helps small and medium-sized manufacturing companies solve challenges related to production processes with the help of demo projects by offering innovative artificial intelligence and robotics solutions. These projects based on de minimis aid are an ideal opportunity to test the commercial value of a solution before making a large-scale investment.


We are committed to promoting business cooperation and the spread of knowledge both in the industrial sector and in society at large, and participation in the AIRE consortium is one way we can achieve this goal.


*The Artificial Intelligence and Robotics centre AIRE (EDIH) is financed by the European Union from the European Digital Innovation Hubs subprogram of the Digital Europe Program (project no.: 101083677). and the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications 


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Upcoming AIRE and the Institute of Computer Science events

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in the Estonian manufacturing industry! AIRE, in cooperation with the University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science, invites all interested parties to the Cyber Innovation Conference 2024 and the following AIRE club event “AIRE club #27” on June 12. The conference lasts from 8:45 to 17:20 and the evening will be organised by AIRE from 17:45 to 20:00. The evening club event is open to the public and free of charge, everyone who has purchased a ticket to the conference is also invited to network.

The events are dedicated to bridging the gap between cutting-edge technologies, innovation, and a secure cyber world. This year’s main themes are cyber defense and security, as well as technological advancement. The AIRE Club and Cyber Innovation Conference transform June 12 into a day where the industrial sector and the IT domain have an excellent opportunity to establish new collaborations, find potential partners, and draw inspiration from other experiential narratives.

AIRE Clubs bring together manufacturing companies, university researchers, and other interested parties. The event series aim to share experiences and ideas and to find new collaboration opportunities.

Add the conference and AIRE Club to your calendar and be part of the journey of change. Your presence is welcomed and essential in shaping the future of Estonia’s manufacturing sector.

Both events are held in Estonian.


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University of Tartu to acquire a stake in Better Medicine OÜ, a company that uses AI to diagnose cancer

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