First-year students at the Institute of Computer Science can borrow laptops from the beginning of the semester. Upon receiving the laptop, the student must sign an act confirming that they have read the terms and conditions. Second and this year, students must send an e-mail to

HP EliteBook 840 G10: i5-1335U, 16GB DDR5, 512GB SSD NVMe, 14'' WUXGA 400-nit AG, WWAN-ready, Smartcard, FPR, Nordic backlit keyboard, 51Wh, Win 11 Pro, 3 years warranty

To acquire a laptop, students must apply, which can be done by filling out the following form. You can start requesting laptops from the first day of the first semester, and students will be informed about it.

*First-year Bachelor's students have priority over laptops. However, if there are any left that academic year, Master's students can also apply.

In case of any problems with the computer, come to Narva mnt 18 room 2051 or write to us via

Students who participate in at least 6 ECTS worth of subjects in the Institute of Computer Science can borrow a computer from the Delta library (Narva mnt 18) if any spare ones are left. The Institute favours lending laptops to students from other institutes that minor in informatics. Preferred are students who take and have taken subjects for more credit points during current and previous semesters. Full-time students are the institute's priority. Computers have to be returned after subjects taken from the institute are completed.

This lending opportunity is a privilege. In exceptional cases the Institute exercises the right to call back a computer with two weeks notice and without further explanation. The need might arise from presenting false information, dropping out of a course or some other unforeseen reason.

Students from other disciplines can lend computers from the library in Narva mnt 18 by sending the description of subjects taken in Institute of Computer Science during previous and current semester to librarian

Preinstalled software:

  • Windows 11 Pro, EDU või ENT
  • Microsoft Office 2019

In the C:\INSTALL folder there are important software references for starting students, like:

  • A Ninite installation package with selected software
  • A link to the GlobalProtect software installation manual
  • A link to the Ninite software installation page (for the user to choose its own software)

Since students are financially liable for the maintenance of the laptop, we are offering an Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) warranty in addition to a standard warranty. It helps to cover for situations where the user has unintentionally damaged the computer. Previous experience shows that repairs without ADP cost around 178,80 euros (price may change)

ADP covers:
  • Physical damages to the screen and case
  • Broken keyboard
  • Water damage

ADP costs 144 euros and can be ordered from Narva mnt 18 room 2051. ADP is added to the computer’s standard warranty and ends at the same time.

User information:

  • It is FORBIDDEN to install or keep illegally obtained software on laptops!
  • If the institute insists, the user is obliged to grant access to check the computer!
  • Removing or covering the IT Academy and institute stickers is FORBIDDEN!
  • Do not use the computer of soft surfaces such as on your bed.
  • Handle the adapter cord with care.
  • It is advisable to password protect your computer.
  • It is advisable to back up your data.  You can use our school's "Dropbox" which is called Owncloud ( - login with your UT user)
  • Giving your computer to another user is FORBIDDEN!
  • Keep an eye on your computer in public spaces. If it is stolen, you are obliged to report it to the police (and bring a copy of the report to the institute).
  • When you return your laptop, it must be physically clean (screen, keyboard, touchpad) and all added stickers must be completely removed.