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Industrial Master's Programme in IT for students

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Combine studies with preparing for your career path!


The Industrial Master’s Degree in IT is a practical study program that brings together second-year master's students of the UT Institute of Computer Science and companies-institutions that want to contribute to the next generation of top IT specialists.

For master's students, this is a great opportunity to combine two important life stages: to finish master's studies on time and to get practical experience to prepare for a successful career path.

  • By participating in the program, you will find an interesting topic for your master's thesis, which is related to solving a current problem of a company or institution.
  • You will get 11 months of practical experience from participating in a team, which, if necessary, will cover the compulsory internship credits.
  • You will see both personal and professional development.
  • You will receive a scholarship of 1000 euros per month.

First-year students of the Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science and Conversion Master in IT curricula who are on-track to graduate in nominal can apply to the program.

The program suits you especially well if you wish that the end of your master’s studies and beginning of your IT career are in sync. Our partners are hoping to find committed students from the program to whom they could make an employment offer once the program ends. Hence, it is not advisable to apply to the program if none of the participating partner companies are attractive to you.

The IMP takes place every year according to the following cycle:

IMP timeline

The specific makeup of partner companies and organizations varies from year to year. Hopefully, there is something for every taste: from small enterprises to international corporations and from manufacturing to government institutions. Application to the IMP takes place according to specific positions and no matter where you end up, you will be supported by a supervisor from the partner company, an academic supervisor and the program coordinator.

Among other things, participants of the IMP have a chance to participate in a self-development seminar where, together with other participants, self-assessment is practiced on topics such as time management and focusing, managing stress and setting healthy goals.

The program lasts for a year: it begins in summer, when the second semester ends, and ends with the defense of your thesis (June, next year). Bear in mind that the assignments and thesis require, on average, 24 hours per week. The day-to-day specifics—location, working language, possibility of working from distance—depend on the particular partner company and those details are made public during the admission period.

Taking part in the program is a significant commitment which rules out going for an (Erasmus) exchange semester abroad. Students accepted to the program must waive all other scholarships currently held (for example the Ülo Kaasik stipend), the only exceptions being the Estonian needs-based study allowance and travel stipends. Be sure to read the conditions of specific stipends when applying.

Has the program been useful for your development?

Yes, of course. I had no experience beforehand, but this program gave me that. I actually chose this program just because of that. I heard that the Industrial Master’s Programme in IT is made to be easily accessible for students: you can develop professionally while studying and you get to do your thesis, which I am really grateful for. Definitely something to have on my CV.

Lukas Andrijauskas, IMP master's student ('22-'23)

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