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The easiest way to support us is to make a standing payment order, bank transfer, or signing a contract. 

Account: find The University of Tartu general account number here.
Explanation: "Donation UniTartuCS (goal)" or "ANNETUS ATI goal".

Goal (in the bank transfer) as per what you foresee donation for: scholarships, seminars, alumni activities, etc. 

The Institute of Computer Science supports its student in many ways. We organise different events, support professional activities, help them participate in competitions and olympiads, and give out scholarships to support IT studies. For example, we have regularly organised the Student Project Contest. Our students have been successful in international competitions, such as IEEEXtreme, ACP IPC, etc. We also support our active student society, which involves students from the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics.

Companies, alumni, and our friends are welcome to provide additional activities and funding, such as challenges and prizes for competitions, scholarships, or support IT studies at the University of Tartu. We have also developed very diverse industry collaboration formats, from internships to project-based learning and research cooperation, which we recommend finding out more. If our supporters desire, we will also publicly name them in the Institute's media channels and materials. So far, many have opted for anonymity.

Donation-based scholarships:

Total donations:
In total, alumni, families, and companies currently support the Institute of Computer Science students' activities and scholarships with approximately 35,000 euros per year.

2016: 20,000 euros
2017: 20,000 euros
2018: 10,000 euros
2019: 30,000 euros
2020: 35,000 euros
2021: 12,000 euros
2022: 115,000 euros