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Student Project Contest
The University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science announces the IT Student Project Contest. The project submitted has to be in the field of IT. It can be practical or theoretical research or…

Thesis deadlines and guidelines

Defence and submission dates 2021/2022 Second year Master's students must submit the name of their supervisors and the title of the thesis by November 1 an e-mail to Dates of…

Best in the Baltics

The University of Tartu is the leading university in the Baltics in the field of information technology and is one of the 250 best universities in the world in the ranking of Times Higher Education Universities in the field of Computer Science.

Information about the institute

Research-intensive entrepreneurship with the industry

One of the main tasks of the University of Tartu is to support the development of a science-based society. This requires strong research, high-quality higher education and effective collaboration with companies and the public sector. At the Institute of Computer Science, we have developed very diverse collaboration formats for this purpose, which allows companies to start cooperating with the university to the desired extent and volume.

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Until October 2022, all UT members can take one free Coursera course. Students can also use it towards the completion of their curriculum if they wish.   Coursera is an online learning p…
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This year our institute’s first year master’s students can apply to six partner companies. The program’s veteran, Pipedrive, will take up to four students under their wing and long-time partners …
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The UT has extended the application deadline for Ukrainian citizens until 1 June for all English-taught first and second-level programmes, excluding Medicine and MSc in Excellence in Analytical C…
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From 11 April, in addition to buses, a self-driving demand-based public transport vehicle will be servicing the Tiksoja, Vorbuse and Kardla region. During April, passengers can order a ride on the se…