Guest lectures by Prof. Amr El Abbadi


Doctoral defence: Anti Ingel “Algorithms using information theory: classification in brain-computer interfaces and characterising reinforcement-learning agents“

Kolme minuti loengute konkursi ingliskeelne esikolm

Doctoral students are invited to participate in the three-minute thesis competition


UniTartuCS Day 2023

Best in the Baltics

The University of Tartu is the leading university in the Baltics in the field of information technology and is one of the 200 best universities in the world in the ranking of Times Higher Education Universities in the field of Computer Science.

Information about the institute

Research-intensive entrepreneurship with the industry

One of the main tasks of the University of Tartu is to support the development of a science-based society. This requires strong research, high-quality higher education and effective collaboration with companies and the public sector. At the Institute of Computer Science, we have developed very diverse collaboration formats for this purpose, which allows companies to start cooperating with the university to the desired extent and volume.

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Guest lectures by Prof. Amr El Abbadi from 26 Sept – 4 Oct.
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The public event takes place on Thursday, 28 September, in the conference hall of the University of Tartu Library.
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Open call for Machine Learning and Data Science projects
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The Teaming centres of excellence in digitalised bioengineering and personalised medicine at the University of Tartu are expected to become lighthouses in the region, attracting the best scientists and bringing change to the innovation landscape nationally and internationally.