The Institute of Computer Science at Digit conference

On 21 September, the Institute of Computer Science is once again taking part in the software conference Digit. The institute has its own demo area, where various research groups will show their work with fun and interactive exhibits. This time, Prof. Mark Fišel will take the stage with his presentation titled "How do We Get LLMs to Speak Estonian Languages and Why?"

Fišel gives a brief overview of his presentation as follows: "Large language models have mesmerized researchers, developers and users alike with both their learned skills as well as unintended emergent abilities. Yet when we turn to less popular languages, even the best current LLMs lag behind in their performance. Estonia is a perfect test bed for such cases, being home to mid-resource and low-resource languages and dialects as well as having several companies and research groups working with natural language processing and a strong governmental program for Estonian NLP development. This talk is about challenges of developing LLMs and NLP solutions in general for Estonian, Võro and other examples, in the age of large companies actively joining the AI research efforts."

The Institute's presence at the demo area is varied and interesting. Visitors can play the game Blastronaut on the big screens organised by our Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Study Lab. In addition, Arnis Paršovs will showcase his improvements in the field of biometric verification via ID card facial images and the University of Tartu High Performance Computing Center will introduce their services for businesses.

Come visit our box and see what we've been up to!

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