It is with the deepest regret that we announce the death of our dear colleague, a valued lecturer and good friend, Meelis Roos (1975 - 2021)

Meelis Roos received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from the University of Tartu in 1997 and 1999, respectively. His master’s thesis “Integrating Notarization and Time-Stamping“ was the world’s first scalable blockchain-based digital signature notary-quality solution that included a time stamp. He has worked in one of Estonias top IT companies Cybernetica at security engineer positions.

Since 2005, Meelis has been a part-time lecturer of distributed systems at the University of Tartu, Institute of Computer Science. He was highly valued, and much loved among his students. Meelis lectured operating systems, data security, and secure programming methods for years and has supervised more than 30 bachelor’s and master’s theses. He has been a renowned specialist, equally strong both in theory and practice, with long-term experience in distributed systems and cyber security. He was always able to pass on this knowledge to students excitingly and vividly. His ability to tell stories about computers, networks and information security made everyone listen to him carefully.

Deep interest and passion for computer technology and history led Meelis to establish a computer museum at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu in 2005.  Museum tries to comprehensively reflect the history and development of computer equipment developed or used in Estonia. Many remember Meelis through a technical exchange or by participating in a larger project organised by himself to obtain interesting artifacts for the museum.

Meelis Roos’ alias “mroos” came to the attention of many computer enthusiasts as early as in his schooldays, when an e-mail-FTP-email gateway maintained by him made it possible to drag over the UUCP connection also the files from the world’s ftp servers. Meelis has tested and helped to improve the Linux kernel code for more than 22 years. With his participation, the community has grown and developed significantly.

Colleagues from the Institute of Computer Science describe Meelis as hardworking and enthusiastic. Prof. Eero Vainikko, the Head of the Chair of Distributed Systems characterises Meelis as a warm and caring person, whose great pride and motivation were his family and loved ones.

We are in deep grief at the early departure of such a great person. We extend our deepest condolences to Meelis’ wife, children, and other loved ones.