Teaching and studies in February and March

Yesterday, members of the Rector’s Office discussed the organisation of teaching and studies in February and March, and decided that in both months, teaching will be largely conducted online. However, we are trying to gradually move towards greater openness. We make decisions about teaching and studies in the spring semester for one month at a time – for each month, by the middle of the previous month. The rector’s decree with more detailed guidelines will take effect after passing the bylaw approval process.

In February, teaching and studies take place online, except for practicals, which can be taught in class, observing the rules.

In March, studies continue online if ever possible, but lectures are definitely taught online.

  • Practicals and seminars may be taught in class if there is a good reason to do so, and in this case it is necessary to consider room ventilation and reduce the number of people in the room, wear face masks and keep safe distance. If possible, CO2 levels in the air must be monitored. To avoid large numbers of people having to stay in self-isolation, keep the groups small (up to 20 people), even in larger rooms.
  • Considering those who are self-isolating, also the option of distance learning, either as hybrid learning or homework assignments, must be offered to supplement in person seminars.
  • Within a curriculum, a uniform approach must be followed in organising the teaching and studies. The respective decision is made by the head of institute/college in coordination with the vice dean for academic affairs.
  • By 15 February, the structural unit managing the curriculum will inform students in more detail how the teaching and learning in the curriculum is organised in March. Information about the mode of study in each course must be entered in the study information system by the same date.
  • If a decision is made to conduct in-class seminars, the seminars or classes must be scheduled close together or, for example, on specific weekdays. Any changes planned in the March schedule must be communicated by the end of February.

Aune Valk
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs
University of Tartu