University of Tartu joined the European Cyber Security Organisation

On 20 March, the board of directors of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) approved the University of Tartu as a full member of ECSO.

The main objective of ECSO is to support all types of initiatives or projects that aim to develop or promote cybersecurity in Europe. In particular, the organisation deals with the following:

  1. Protecting the growth of the European Digital Single Market from cyber threats;
  2. Developing the cybersecurity market in Europe and the growth of a competitive cybersecurity and ICT industry, with an increased market position;
  3. Developing and implementing cybersecurity solutions for trusted supply chains.

The University of Tartu cybersecurity research groups who join ECSO have the opportunity to participate in the organisation’s working groups and calls for applications. Thereby it is possible to significantly enhance the opportunities to participate in external projects and find new contacts and partners among major industrial enterprises and research institutions of Europe. ECSO members are national, regional and local public administrations, research centres, associations of research institutions and other interested parties.

All research groups of the Universty of Tartu may join ECSO working goups (see list). Currently, the Institute of Computer Science and the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies are connected with the organisation, but researchers of all faculties who are concerned with cybersecurity topics are welcome to participate.

Founded in June 2016, the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) is a non-for-profit organisation representing various interest groups: large companies, startups, research centres, universities, end users etc. ECSO also collaborates with the European Commission in the contractual public-private partnership to strengthen Europe’s cyber resilience and foster a competitive and innovative cybersecurity industry.

More information is available on ECSO website. For information about joining the working groups please contact the Institute of Computer Science.

Further information: Madis RaaperUT Institute of Computer Science Cyber Security Coordinator, 737 6424,