Vaccination opportunities near the university

At the beginning of the academic year, the University of Tartu and Tartu University Hospital are jointly organising vaccination days near the university’s study buildings to further improve the chances of starting face-to-face studies and meeting in the lecture halls.

University members who have not been vaccinated yet can get the vaccine against Covid-19 without prior booking in the following places:

at the university’s main building in room 140 (the first room on the right from the main entrance)

  • on 30 August from 11 to 15,
  • on 31 August from 10 to 15,

in the vaccination bus located

  • in the city centre near the Von Bock House (by the Pirogov Square) from 1 to 3 September from 11 to 18 (until 19 if needed) and
  • by the Raatuse 22 student residence from 6 to 12 September from 12 to 18.

Advice from researchers
On 30 August from 11 to 12 and on 31 August from 10 to 11, Uku Haljasorg, Research Fellow of Molecular Immunology and one of the initiators of the social media event in which scientists answered questions about Covid-19, will give advice and answer questions about vaccines and vaccination in the main building.

On 1 and 2 September from 11 to 12, Associate Professor in Family Medicine Marje Oona answers vaccination-related questions in the city centre by the vaccination bus near the Von Bock House (Lossi street)

Vaccination at colleges

  • On 30 and 31 August from 10 to 13, it is possible to get vaccinated in the vaccination bus next to UT Narva College (Raekoja plats 2, Narva).
  • On 8 September from 10 to 16 it is possible to get vaccinated at the UT Pärnu College (Ringi 35, Pärnu, hall 111).

From 12 August, Tartu vaccination buses will be visiting places around Tartu county every day at least until the end of August. See the detailed schedule of the vaccination bus on the website of Tartu University Hospital.

Until 31 August, it is possible to get vaccinated at Tartu vaccination centre located at A. Le Coq sports hall both with and without booking. From September, the vaccination centre will be located at Tartu University Hospital at Puusepa 8. Read more on the website of Tartu University Hospital.

From September, the closest vaccination opportunity for university members studying and working in Maarjamõisa is the vaccination centre of Tartu University Hospital (Puusepa 8). 

No booking is needed for getting the vaccine. The Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine is used.

Whichever county you are in, we recommend getting vaccinated as soon as possible before the beginning of the academic year. Find the nearest vaccination centre at

Further information: Tiina Teder, Coordinator of the vaccination team of Tartu University Hospital, 5331 8490,