IT Academy

The IT Academy (English brand name is a collaboration programme of the Estonian state, universities, vocational schools, information and communication technology companies to raise the quality of ICT education and develop research in ICT and ensure the market will have more top specialists.


The University of Tartu promotes research and studies done in IT, and through the programme, the university supports the training of new IT teachers. Every second year, we organise the Cyber Security Summer School, and other developments will be made when the university is successful at the Development Projects Competition. In 2016-2020, the program supported three curriculas in the UT Institute of Computer Science.

The IT Academy is coordinated by the Haridus- ja Noorteamet.

ICT Research Support Measure
The research support measure aims to increase the capacity of top-level ICT research and development in Estonia to ensure the development of Estonian science, economy, and society by strengthening the implementation of knowledge-based and innovative solutions in various fields. More information can be found here.

IT teacher support measure
The measure aims to support solutions that would help solve the shortage of IT teachers in Estonian schools. The measure funds informatics teachers' training, including developing new study forms and supporting doctoral studies.

Development Projects
The annual application rounds of Development Projects aim to increase teaching and applying speciality-specific ICT in non-ICT curricula. Development activities related to curricula and work are supported.

With this measure's support, the University of Tartu has developed design thinking and digital product management subjects, e-learning and other activities. No development projects of the IT Academy are underway at the Institute of Computer Science in 2021.

Cyber ​​Security Summer School
The International Summer School of Cyber ​​Defense aims to introduce science in information security and give doctoral students, lecturers and researchers studying in Estonia the opportunity to establish connections with researchers and specialists in the area of cyber defence from outside Estonia. Hundreds of doctoral students from dozens of countries around the world have participated in summer schools. The summer school is organized alternately by UT and TalTech. In 2021 the organizer is the University of Tartu.

Information about the summer school that took place in 2021 can be found here


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