Museum Night at the Computer Museum

On 21 May, Estonian museums will celebrate Museum Night. That night, the Computer Museum of the University of Tartu will, among others, open its doors to everybody.  The Computer Museum, located on the ground floor of the Delta Building, will be open from six to midnight, offering an exciting permanent exposition.

The theme of this Museum Night is “The night is full of dreams.” Which one of us has not dreamed of a new phone or computer? The Computer Museum is perfect for exploring historic “dream” devices. The history, present, and future will meet at the Museum on that night.

You will have a chance to get acquainted with the unique objects of the computer world, walk around the modern Delta Center, or, with museum guides, dream about where the rapid advancement of technology will take us tomorrow. Recognized guides who know almost everything about computers will be ready to share their knowledge with you. Everyone who is interested in computers is kindly expected to come by - the guided tours at the museum will take place throughout the night.


The Computer Museum of the University of Tartu was opened in 2009, and now many exciting items have been collected in one room. The aim of the museum is to exhibit the history of the development of computer technology in Estonia from the first electronic computer Ural in 1959 to the digital e-government we are used to today. The museum contains several rarities, such as the nameplate of the electronic computer Ural and selected components of the Ural. The museum also has a Soviet-era mainframe console, a personal computer Juku manufactured in Estonia and other computers used in Estonia at that time. The museum's collection includes many older Apple devices and a supercomputer that was once on the list of the 500 most powerful computers in the world. In order to grow the exposition of the Computer Museum, we are looking for donations of special technical equipment from private individuals and institutions.