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The best student projects have been selected

On 2 June, the final event of the Student Project Contest of the Institute of Computer Science took place in the Delta Study and Research Building. The authors of 26 projects presented their work at the poster session, and a jury of representatives from the Institute's Chairs selected the winners.

Four projects competed in the Bachelor's first-year category, 15 in the Bachelor's category with the largest number of participants and 7 in the Master's category. In the Bachelor's category, the jury also felt it necessary to highlight three other projects. 

The event continued on the Delta II floor for several hours, and the posters of the student projects will be out for everyone to see for a few more weeks.

Winners of the first-year Bachelor's category

I place – „ATI tehnika laenutus“, Priidik Meelo Västrik, Mihkel Tiks
II place – „Cup Half Full“, Ralf Brait Lehepuu

III place – „Jdots 1.0“, Richard Jõgi, Mihkel Martin Kasterpalu

Winners of the Bachelor's category 

I place – „Paroolide murdmine“, Kristjan Pühvel
II place – „Käsurea õpikeskkond“, Joonas Halapuu

III place – "Taskers ", Siim Mardus

Highlighted projects in the Bachelor’s category

  • „Genedraw“, Lennart Rikk
  • "Smart solutions for indie game marketing ", Katre Tiku
  • "Delta Wi-Fi Positioning System ", Anton Slavin

Winners of the Master's category

I place – "GobPie: An IDE Integration for Goblint Using MagpieBridge ", Karoliine Holter
II place – "Using Adversarial Defense Methods to Improve the Performance of Deep-Neural-Network-Controlled Automatic Driving Systems ", Mike Gomes Camara.

III place – „End-to-End self driving with CNN“, Rustam Abdumalikov, Aral Açikalin

Find out more about all the projects that took part in the competition.

In every category, the prize fund is 2,400 euros. €1000 for I, €800 for II, and €600 for III places in every category.

Many thanks to all participants and congratulations to the winners!

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