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Exhibitions of the Institute of Computer Science

From 19 May at the Delta Centre of the University of Tartu, you can see Kärt Summatavet's exhibition „Dialogues: Mythology and Artificial Intelligence“ and Nerva's exhibition "Sense the Inspiration“. 

The art pieces of Kärt Summatavet and Nerva are located on the I, II and III floors of the Delta building. You can pick up a map from the security desk, which will help you to find your way around the building. The exhibitions will remain open until mid-September, and everyone is welcome to visit.

Kärt Summatavet (Ph.D. [Taiteen tohtori]) is a consultant at the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu. She graduated from Tallinn as a metal artist (1987) and has exhibited since 1986. She completed her doctoral dissertation in Finland in the Department of Design at the Aalto University in Helsinki (2005). She is a researcher, project manager, expert in education and creative industries, entrepreneur, educator, and innovator.

Kärt Summatavet’s exhibition was born during her professorship of Liberal Arts 2020–2021. Kärt says: „For the 2019/2020 academic year, the University of Tartu invited me to take up the position of Professor of Liberal Arts. My professorship coincided with a number of important events – 2019 was the Year of the Mother Tongue and the 100th anniversary of the National University, and 2020 was the Year of Digital Culture. I incorporated these events into my teaching – simultaneously thinking about relations between the heritage of the past and virtual reality and artificial intelligence.“

Original drawings are digitized, computer-processed, printed (giclée print), and published as a virtual exhibition.

Nerva is a multi-talented creative person. He started learning his first musical instrument at school at the age of five and later studied to become a composer. He creates new songs and writes lyrics to them, joins a band as a keyboard player and singer, and teaches singing. Starting from 2000, Nerva worked for about ten years as a programmer and software architect and also taught a year-long course at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Tartu. He has been actively involved with art since 1998, has created nearly 100 acrylic paintings, more than 350 graphic series, and has published some books. The exhibition taking place in Delta is his 80th.

The common theme among the selected pictures at the Delta exhibition is an inspiration. The exhibition is titled „Sense the Inspiration“. Nerva explains: „A crown of a tree can be compared to the branching of one’s thoughts, however, I like reversing this process: through the individual branches of the tree, I gather both positive and negative from the surrounding, and they all move toward the common direction until they combine into increasingly mightier paths, with the ultimate goal of a strong and clear idea, like a thick tree trunk, ready to be carried out.“

Nerva draws his pictures with the Wacom digital whiteboard on the Photoshop platform. „Since I want to be in control of every single detail on the picture, I start with a blank background and then create my artwork line by line with the stylus,“ says he about his technique.


ATI näitused

Exhibition "Cosmic Dance“ by Kärt Summatavet in the Delta study building

Urmo Raus

Urmo Raus about his exhibition

Urmo Raus

Painting exhibition by Urmo Raus in the Delta study building