Join the Challenge Us programme to explore the potential of big data in your business

Challenge Us is a brilliant opportunity for companies interested in exploring the potential of big data in their business, and the University of Tartu is part of this initiative to help small and medium-sized companies to manage their (big) data problems and provides companies with opportunities to further benefit from the data they bring for analysis.

According to Rajesh Sharma, a specialist in business and social media analysis, at the UT Institute of Computer Science, the amount of data produced every day has reached levels unimaginable until a few years ago. This data is produced daily by a growing number of devices connected to the network, such as smartphones, industrial technological-machinery, sensor networks, smart cars, web search engines, web searches and social networks.

“However, being able to exploit this data correctly is not an easy challenge for companies, especially those that are not “digital natives”,” according to Rajesh. He adds that analysis of the data can in fact, be crucial to understand and predict the behaviour of its customers, predict when a machine will need maintenance, or add new services to improve its offer. “It is necessary to develop skills and acquire mastery of cutting-edge technologies, integrating them later in the organizational and production processes,” tells Rajesh. For this reason, companies increasingly tend to rely on experts who can guide them in this transformation process. 

By joining the Challenge Us programme, small and medium-sized companies will benefit from the free support of data scientists from the Computational Social Science Group at the University of Tartu, alongside the team of data scientist from the SoBigData++ consortium consisting of 32 European research institutions and provide an opportunity to explore the potential of big data in their business.

To participate, companies must fill out the registration form, which can be found here before May 15. Projects will be selected by the scientific committee of the SoBigData++, who will evaluate the proposals both from the point of view of scientific interest and feasibility.

More information: Rajesh Sharma, Associate Professor in Information Systems, at the UT Institute of Computer Science,