Kristjan Karron

UniTartuCS Day 2023

Dear Institute of Computer Science student! You are invited to the UniTartuCS Day, which takes place on 28 September from 14:00–16:30 on the II and III floors of the Delta Study Building. On this day, you can meet researchers and lecturers from the Institute who will present possible thesis topics to our students. It is also an excellent opportunity to establish closer ties with some research groups during studies. 

At the event, we will also announce the recipients of three scholarships. There will also be a counter where you can buy the Institute's t-shirts and hoodies. 

14:00 – 14:05 Introduction in front of room 2049 on the second floor.
14:05 – 14:15 The announcement of Reet and Tiit Villig’s and Ülo Kaasik’s scholarships and Cybernetica Fellowship.
14:15 – 16:30 The fair is open on the II and III floor.
...–18:00 The Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Study Lab in room 2007 welcome guests who want to see our students' video games and virtual reality projects. You can also find out more about possible thesis topics.


Participating research groups and chairs as of 26 Sept

  1. Terviseinformaatika / Health Informatics
  2. Teadusarvutuste keskus / High Performance Computing Center
  3. Krüptograafia uurimisrühm / Cryptography Research Group
  4. Infoturbe uurimisrühm / Information Security Research Group
  5. Kodeerimisteooria ja infoedastuse uurimisrühm / Coding and Information Transmission Group
  6. Intelligentsete transpordisüsteemide labor / Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab
  7. Tarkvarateaduse labor / Laboratory for Software Science
  8. Inimkesksete infosüsteemide uurimisrühm / Research Group of Human-Centric Information Systems
  9. Tarkvaratehnika / Software Engineering
  10. Infosüsteemide uurimisrühm / Information Systems Reserach Group
  11. Masinõppe uurimisrühm / Machine Learning Group

III Floor open area

  1. Keeletehnoloogia uurimisrühm / Natural Language Processing Group
  2. Suurandmete uurimisrühm / Data Systems Group
  3. Arvutigraafika ja virtuaalreaalsuse õppelabor / Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Study Lab
  4. Hajussüsteemide uurimisrühm / Distributed SystemsGroup
  5. Hajussüsteemide uurimisrühm / Distributed SystemsGroup
  6. Koostöö Kaitseväe Akadeemiaga / Collaboration with Military Academy
  7. Scaling and Intelligence Lab
  8. Rakendusliku küberkaitse uurimisrühm / Applied Cyber Security Group
  9. Kvantinfotehnoloogia / Quantum Information Processing

Vaba lava

  1. Loomuliku ja tehisliku mõistuse labor / Natural and Artificial Intelligence Lab
  2. Sandbox
  3. Hajutatud ja pervasiivsete süsteemide uurimisrühm / The Distributed and Pervasive Systems Group
  4. Arvutusliku sotsiaalteaduse labor / Computational Social Science Labor
  5. Isejuhtivate sõidukite labor / Autonomous Driving Lab


  • Informaatika didaktika töörühm – room 2020
  • Mobiili- ja pilvearvutuste labor / Mobile & Cloud lab – room 2018
  • Arvutigraafika ja virtuaalreaalsuse õppelabor / Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Study Lab - room 2007

In their own rooms on the II Floor

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