University of Tartu and Swedbank discussed plans for future

On 29 June, the IT executives of Swedbank Group visited the University of Tartu to discuss cooperation opportunities and share information about the future plans of the bank and the university.

Last Thursday, on 29 June, the top IT executives of Swedbank Group led by Head of Group IT Anders Ekedahl met the rector and vice rectors of the University of Tartu and lecturer of information systems Fredrik Payman Milani to discuss cooperation, each other’s interests and plans for the future.

Close cooperation between Swedbank and the University of Tartu started 10 years ago already by establishing the professorship of software engineering, the first privately funded professorship in Estonia. In 2016 the framework agreement for cooperation was signed, specifying goals for long-term cooperation in the area of economics, IT and mathematics to develop curricula, contribute to studies and support the implementation of cross-faculty projects. IT competences in combination with data science, statistics, modelling, mathematics and communicative competences play an increasingly important role in supporting the implementation of the bank’s long-term strategy. Therefore, Swedbank is willing to support the development of research and education in order to guarantee the availability of employees with necessary skills.

“For the University of Tartu it is important that graduates acquire the best possible education and are able to think outside the box. Good cooperation partners help us prepare students better for future life,” said Head of UT Technology Transfer Unit Kristel Reim.

Swedbank plans to build a larger unit in Tartu than the existing branch, and looks specifically for business intelligence employees for the unit. The bank cooperates closely with the university both through scholarship programmes and supporting existing curricula, as well as through new activities that support workplace-based learning.

Additional information: Kristel Reim, Head of UT Technology Transfer Unit, 5342 4023,

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