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Claudio Parada Nunes

Workshop on Autonomous Sensing Vehicles

You are invited to the workshop on Autonomous Sensing Vehicles on 29 June at 14:10 in the Delta Centre of the University of Tartu.

In this workshop, we will have a keynote by Associate Professor Petteri Nurmi (University of Helsinki, Finland), and several other research talks about published/under-review work of our PhD students. 

See the program: 

Here is more about our keynote speaker and his presentation.

Title: City-Scale Environmental Monitoring and Analytics in Future Smart Cities

Abstract: Urbanization continues to grow worldwide with more than half of the population living in urban areas. The expansion of urban areas is resulting in significant challenges to the environment as traffic, human activity, industry, and other factors deteriorate the environment. Future smart cities are expected to reverse this trend and provide an environmentally sustainable living environment that strives for net zero emissions. Enabling this transformation requires novel technological solutions that can monitor the environment and impacts of human actions, provide insights into how any new policies that are adopted are affecting the environment, offer scientific insights into the processes that govern environmental development, and so forth. While many such technologies, ranging from air quality sensors to automated litter monitoring, are becoming available, adopting them on the scale of a smart city is highly challenging. Indeed, there are challenges in ensuring data quality, providing sufficient coverage for collected information, enabling efficient processing, extending the scale and resolution of monitoring, to name but some of the challenges. In this talk, I present key challenges for enabling city-scale environmental monitoring in future smart cities and present research examples on how to address these challenges. We focus specifically on two challenges: improving accuracy and scale of collected information through a combination of novel sensing solutions and AI solutions for data processing; and enabling large-scale processing of data. 

Bio: Petteri Nurmi ( is an Associate Professor in Internet of Things and Distributed Systems at the University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science. He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Helsinki in 2009. Prior to his current position he worked as a lecturer at Lancaster University, UK. He has published 130+ papers, with numerous papers in leading conferences and journals (e.g., MobiCom, SenSys, IMWUT, Infocom, PerCom, TMC, TOSN). His research focuses on pervasive data science, sensing, and Internet of Things. 



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