Eno Tõnisson’s Informatics Teacher Education Scholarship

The Eno Tõnisson Memorial Scholarship aims to encourage the studies of University of Tartu students in fields related to the didactics of informatics, thereby supporting the growth of young teachers and lecturers in the field of informatics. The size of the scholarship is 500 euros per month.

The number of scholarships is determined by donations from the University of Tartu and the university's resources. The University of Tartu adds at least 100% to the donated amounts. Make a donation or a standing order to the University of Tartu bank account. Description: "ANNETUS ATI ENO STIPP".

First and second-year Master's students at the University of Tartu studying to become computer science teachers are invited to apply. The scholarship is paid to the student for the nominal study duration until acquiring a master's degree.

Application schedule in 2023:

  • Deadline: 30 Jan 2024
  • Announcement of the scholarship recipient: 13 Feb 2024

Required documents:

  • Motivation letter (1 A4);
  • CV;
  • Transcript of Academic Results.

Please submit your applications by 30 January, 2024 via e-mail address contest.cs@lists.ut.ee.

ATI_Eno stipendium

Eno Tõnisson devoted much of his life to teaching, doing so with enchanting passion, inspiring so many learners. Eno was repeatedly chosen as the best lecturer at both, the Institute of Computer Science and the University at large. He received a number of prizes for his excellent work, for example, he was awarded a substantial teaching grant at the university in 2015, a badge of honour at the University of Tartu in 2016, and, in the same year, the Ministry of Education and Research awarded him with the title of the Lecturer of the Year.

Eno was a much liked figure at the University, and  also with the broader public and in 2016, he and his colleagues began organising programming courses over web that became hugely popular with the  thousands of people who participated over the years. The course “Basics of Programming,” which was the first open e-course with free access (MOOC) to the University of Tartu to be taught in Estonian, received the Estonian e-University Consortium's annual e-course award in 2016.


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