Henry Narits

Exhibition “The Green Turn” by Mauri Gross

Until 16 January, you are invited to the Delta Study and Research Building to enjoy Mauri Gross's exhibition “The Green Turn”. The paintings can be found on the ground floor of the Delta.

Mauri Gross's new painting series “The Green Turn” is like dry grass in spring – several years old and multi-layered, sometimes yellowed and dried up, or laced with green blades of grass, ready to burst out of the canvas as a magic play of lights. The exhibition is about relationships between family members and their interwoven connections with nature, raising several questions on climate issues and wildlife.

Mauri Gross (born in 1969 in Rapla) studied art at Tallinn University and stage design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. From 1998–2007 he was a graphic design tutor at the Estonian Academy of Arts. Since 2009, Gross has been working as a freelance artist, expressing himself mainly through oil painting. His other fields of work include graphic design and interior design. He is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association and has participated in solo and group exhibitions and art-related projects since 1991.

Together with the paintings of Mauri Gross, Martin Vällik’s photo exhibition “Moon” and Kärt Summatavet's pieces from the series “Dialogues: Mythology and Artificial Intelligence” can still be seen in the Delta Study and Research Building. The exhibitions are organised by the Institute of Computer Science.