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TestADS’24: First International Workshop on the Testing of Automated Driving Systems

Together with colleagues from the UK and Sweden, the UT Institute of Computer Science is organizing the first international workshop on the Testing of Automated Driving Systems (TestADS). The workshop takes place on 27-31 May 2024 in Toronto, Canada, as part of the 17th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST’24).
The TestADS workshop aims to bring together experts in all aspects of testing ADS software. The focus will be on presenting research papers from academia and industry, but experience reports are welcome, too. TestADS aims to form a community of software engineers with backgrounds in Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Robotics that develop practical solutions for the public. Below is a list of topics that are relevant to the workshop:
  • Methods, tools, techniques for the testing of modular ADS – focusing on individual components such as perception, localisation, and planning, or their interaction;
  • Methods, tools, techniques for the testing of specific quality aspects (e.g., safety, usability, security) and their interaction;
  • On-road testing, closed facility testing, simulation-based testing, and hybrid testing approaches;
  • Methods for measuring the safety of ADS at level 4 and level 5;
  • Development of benchmarks for safety-testing of ADS;
  • Testing of ADS with teleoperation support.

The list is incomplete, and other relevant topics related to the testing of ADS are welcome.

Organizing Committee:
Markus Borg, CodeScene, Sweden
Vahid Garousi, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Dietmar Pfahl, University of Tartu, Estonia
Qunying Song, Lund University, Sweden

More information on TestADS’24, including a Call for Papers, is available here.

Information about ICST’24 is available here.

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