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Lecturer at the Institute of Computer Science co-founded a company that received a large grant from the European Innovation Council

Thanks to cutting-edge research at the Institute of Computer Science, BetterMedicine, a company that automates the analysis of cancer CT scans, has received a boost. BetterMedicine was recently awarded a €2.5 million grant from the European Innovation Council's Accelerator.

Dmytro Fishman, Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence at the Institute of Computer Science and co-founder of BetterMedicine, says that thanks to high-level research in applying artificial intelligence, a company was born that started looking for practical solutions to make life easier for doctors and patients. "At the Institute of Computer Science, we do world-class research that helps companies find and maintain their competitive advantage, and that is why companies should be bold in investing in R&D," says Dmytro Fishman.

The collaboration between the Institute of Computer Science and BetterMedicine has been mutually beneficial and has resulted in an innovative way to analyse CT scans. In particular, the AI-powered solution, unlike other methods in use, can detect the metastatic spread of cancer in different organs throughout the body and assess disease progression and response to treatment. Since metastatic cancer is responsible for 90% of all cancer deaths, Better Medicine is transforming the diagnostic market by significantly reducing the time to diagnose metastases. 

The European Innovation Council’s Accelerator has recently supported several Estonian health technology start-ups. Among others, BetterMedicine received a €2.5 million grant. “It is difficult to overstate the importance of this accomplishment for our company and the entire field. I could not be happier! Years of research are being put into practice for the sake of doctors and patients. This is really the main reason I became a scientist." added Dmytro Fishman.

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