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Rally Estonia Challenge took self-driving car to the rally tracks

In the spring semester of 2023, 27 students took part in the competition Rally Estonia Challenge organised by the Autonomous Driving Lab, during which they took a self-driving car on Estonia's smaller roads.

The students had to train neural network models on the Rally Estonia Dataset, which consists of ~500 km recordings from WRC Rally Estonia stages. Rally tracks were chosen because as they have been designed to be challenging for humans, they can also serve as a demanding benchmark for a machine.

The evaluation of the submitted driving models took place in two stages. As a first step, the neural network models trained by students were evaluated in the Vista simulation engine. Only the solutions demonstrating a competitive performance in the simulation were admitted to testing in the real world.

Click here for detailed information about the competition.


1. place – Team Anything
Grayson Felt
Anish Shrestha
Ali Maharramov

Read here the blog post of the 1st place team

2. place – Team Snake
Thomas Metral
Paul Pelletier
Florian Bergere

Read here the blog post of the 2nd place team

3. place – Team RallyPilot
Pavlo Pyvovar
Yuliia Siur
Nikita Fordui
Mert Bektas

Read the blog post of the 3rd place team.

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