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Revvity Inc. - Building AI models for microscopy image analysis

Successful industry collaboration project between the Institute of Computer Science and Revvity Inc.

Project duration: Initiated on November 21, 2016 - ongoing (approximately 7 years)

Since the launch of this collaboration nearly seven years ago, we have been working on building AI models for microscopy image analysis. Our focus has been on various tasks, including classification, segmentation, and detection of cells, denoising, and super-resolution of microscopy images. A standout achievement is our AI model capable of analyzing brightfield microscopy imaging—a modality previously considered challenging due to its low contrast. Our model successfully segments nuclei and other organelles in brightfield images and is integrated into Revvity's standard software offerings. Revvity Inc. has acted as the project owners, providing data and guidance, while our lab has taken on the role of development and validation. Revvity has also integrated our research results into their operational pipelines.

The collaboration has resulted in advancements in automating microscopy image analysis. These advances hold far-reaching implications for drug development, disease diagnosis, and personalized medicine, enabling researchers to dive deep into the cellular level. Through Revvity's network our technology will become available to thousands of labs worldwide, significantly accelerating the pace of discovery in multiple scientific domains.

Read more about the signing of the collaboration agreement with Revvity Inc (then known as PerkinElmer).

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